03/25/13: Dreaming Bigger than Life / Star

An absolutely lovely rendition of the Star! If she seems familiar, that’s because it hasn’t been all that long ago she has graced us.star-osho-zen

She gives us a very useful guide for tapping in to that hopeful Star energy. Detach, rise above the day-to-day concerns and plug in to all-that-is, the universal consciousness. Be quiet, still your mind and allow yourself to no longer be bound by what you want or don’t want, time, space or traditionally acceptable possibilities.

The Star is a very big, dreamy energy. It’s not a promise, and it’s not outcome-oriented, but it always suggests a hopeful potential. This version is no exception. Her head blends right into the limitless sky, the moon serving as her third eye. There are no boundaries on these dreams, you know?

I find it very interesting those Stars from the sky are beautifully reflected in the water below. You see that? Some of the little Stars—potentials born in the Heavens—will manifest below, in the down-to-earth on-the-ground version of the real world. Maybe not all of them, but that’s fine. Don’t limit yourself by drawing a box around what you can become before the fact.

Here, you want to get quiet and let it come. Dream a little! But don’t feel compelled to define, what you can and cannot do. Get quiet, release your worries, and let the Universe start filling in the blanks for you. That silence creates an empty space, a blank spot which the Universe fills up for you.

What does silence bring to your life?


  1. Really nice. Sigh. Fill with peace…

  2. Or maybe we’re in different time zones!! Actually, I think we ARE… (NOBODY’s guilty! My Libra likes that!! )

    • Yeah, I think it’s the time zones. I’m in central and my site is showing my time when I post or publish, that’s how I have it set.

  3. Hey! Your clock didn’t ‘spring forward’!! (I plead NOT GUILTY!! :P)

  4. I ~love~ this card and your interpretation of it! Especially the reflection of the stars… I’m going to go fall asleep on that…

    Thank you, my beloved beacon! You shine bright!

Shine Thy Light!