12/11/12: Pick up the Hope and Run with it! | Star

I enjoy using the Tarot of the New vision for the slightly altered spin it gives on traditional showing us the scenes from a different perspective. And sometimes, isn’t that all we really need—a different perspective?

The Star is a future-oriented card, always. In simple terms, it’s often read as “hope.” But like the stars themselves, distant glimmers of light, the hope doesn’t necessarily feel close at hand.

Some say the 7 stars in the sky correspond to the main chakras. I haven’t found a definitive reference for that symbolism (in the course of this post, at least), but it does work well enough. Your energy has to be free flowing and in balance for your energy work to be effective.

Stars have long been considered as a mechanism of navigating. The huge star above her is kind of difficult to miss, huh?

The connections to Temperance just a few cards back in the lineup are clear, with the main figure and central focal point of two pitchers. Here she isn’t mixing fire and water as the temperance angel is, but her emotional energy is poured both onto the ground of the physical, and into the stream of spiritual energy at the same time. She also has one foot in the water and one foot out—she doesn’t live a purely earthly or a purely spiritual life. She lives in both worlds. Her nudity shows both vulnerability and sincerity. She hides nothing!

In this version, I find the torch behind her interesting. I always want to warn her to be careful, lest she burn herself! It’s like a fire lit beneath her backside.And as one of the Tarot Eights (1+7 reduces to 8), you also would expect an ongoing, sustained effort to achieve with this card’s energy. It’s not passive by any stretch.

The fellow in the background going the other way? Well, she takes no note of those on a different path. Nor does she need to do so. Her way is her own.

The take-home message I’m seeing here is that you must combine both spiritual intention and physical action to attain your long-range or even seemingly distant goals. She has the Star above her to help navigate her way, the purity of intention and the lack of hidden agendas. (Where would she hide ‘em? Ha!)

Be honest, forthright and pure about following your dream. Hook up with your long-term desires both energetically by spiritual work and phsycially by acting upon the opportunities, urges and synchronicity this energetic work produces. THAT is how you get there!

Are you ready to pick and run with a little hope?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. Thank you guys. The Star dealt me fits at one time too, Josi. Doesn’t like to be pinned down, you know? It’s Antiquarian energy.

    Appreciate the vote of confidence, Tracie. Can never have too many of those.

  2. “you must combine both spiritual intention and physical action to attain your long-range or even seemingly distant goals.”


  3. I really like the Star. But, it’s always been kind of difficult for me to grasp. I really like your description. What a cool deck. I don’t think I’ve seen it before

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