07/14/13: Ordering up Sunshine! / Sun


The Sun from the Rosetta Tarot, like all the cards in this deck, is awash with symbolism every bit as rich as the color. But the eye and heart shown here (astrologically associated with the sun) coupled with the hands, suggest an interpretation for today.

The Sun card is usually read as  joy, success and understanding. “Shining a light” clears everything up, you know?  We talk about the Sun coming out, lightening up, or the heat of passion in idiomatic speech. Lots of wisdom we don’t often notice hidden in everyday speech.

But here I’m specifically seeing a prescription for achieving this state. In marrying your sight—perceptions and understanding–and your heart—emotions, intuition–with your hands—actions and connections—well, you’ve got a great recipe for clarity and joy.

What do you think?

rosetta-tarot-cards (500x525)
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