01/12/13: On Task | Swords Hold Court



I’ve been fighting with tech issues all day and it’s getting late. I haven’t done this column.

I pull the cards ahead—way ahead. I like to write ahead too, but sometimes, that doesn’t happen.

Today, I dealt with leftover issues from a web server move, tech work and problems of all sorts, a malfunctioning cat genie—aghh!—a broken website update here, a cat with an unhappy stomach, and more.

It was a crazy day. So I wonder, what cards did I pull, to write about after all this?

I am really digging these duos. They are like poetry, you know?

The Queen of Swords faces the King of Swords—she’s cutting out the bullshit and cutting through the obstacles. She’s sharp and impatient, because she has a lot on her plate. (Okay, she can bitch a little, too. But the reason it’s so damned annoying is because she’s generally right.)

She is looking to the right. That’s in the FUTURE, you know? She wants to move forward and you best stay out of her way.

The King, on the other hand, is more settled. He looks straight ahead, in the here and now. He focuses on ruling fairly and intelligently.

Taken together, I’d say stay on task but don’t be overly fussy. I made it today with half of that command fulfilled. I’ll leave you to guess which half. Har!

What do you see here?

Shine Thy Light!