09/22/11: Firm Foundations with Taurus.

One of my rules for the “Everyday Tarot” is that whatever I get, that’s what I work with for the day. I can hardly advocate looking to the cards for insight if I’m not willing to look at the insight the cards provide! But today, my first draw was so obviously about me-me-me, I wondered if I’d done my job properly. Had I remembered to ask specifically for the column? I should try again, make sure I wasn’t “leaking” over the daily draw.

As usual, when you try to maneuver around Tarot–well, Tarot maneuvers right back. I didn’t get the same exact cards as often happens, but they were close enough.


4_of_Pentacles7_of_PentaclesToday’s Tarot forecast is “Firm Foundation” (aka the Four of Pentacles /Sun in Taurus) and “Patience and Planning” (Seven of Pentacles /Saturn in Taurus). Taurus much?

Jupiter’s in Taurus currently, expanding whatever it touches. Taurus is ruled by Venus and associated with the second house in Astrology, what we value, both possessions and self-worth.  Taurus is an Earth sign, so I think in terms of physical manifestations. Having what you value, being valued, and self-value are all areas of focus. Taurus in the bull—it’s hard to surpass in terms of stability. Fixed, fixed, fixed energy!

So the times I worry and wonder, am I doing well enough with my work? Am I doing justice to the folks I come in contact with? Am I growing my skills fast enough? The answer is, “Yes.” Anywhere, really, that I may wonder if I’m contributing well enough, well, that foundation is good, so this is a go.

These two cards have a reassuring message today:  We do, indeed, have what we need. The work done thus far has been effective in laying foundation for rewards, even if the crops aren’t yet quite in. In due time, grasshopper. Exhale. It’s all okay.

Are your foundations looking firm?

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  1. This is interesting, because I just found out that I could possibly be out of a place to live by next month. Firm foundation? Sure doesn’t feel like it!

    But… maybe that’s just it. Maybe these cards are telling me not to worry… that whatever happens, somewhere there’s a firm foundation. Just start putting a plan together and don’t panic. And start asking people for boxes.

    • Oh my! Sorry to hear of the stress, Regina.

      I would say the firm foundation here is internal. You have the skills and wherewithal to address your own needs effectively. Start planning, certainly, but do it with confidence in your own abilities to work the situation into something useful and good.

      • Thanks, Dixie! That’s sort of what I was feeling, too. And I know that if that’s what does end up happening, it will ultimately be a good thing!

  2. “Am I doing justice to the folks I come in contact with?”
    ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY! My foundations are getting firmer & more balanced by the day!

    “In due time, grasshopper. Exhale. It’s all okay.” I HONESTLY believe this to be true – thanks for the reminder.

  3. So comforting…

    You can just sense the peace in these cards.

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