10/23/11: Forgive | Temperance, Judgment

“To confer dignity, forgive. To express contempt, forget.” –Mason Cooley


Today’s Tarot is Temperance (Sagittarius) and Judgment (Pluto)–an interesting combo from the New Vision Tarot, with the back of the angels’ heads.

Show restraint in your assessments. We all fall short. It’s so much easier to see how others fall short than to pick out those flaws in ourselves. (Hint: Personal blind spots will drive you crazy in others.) You don’t need to answer for anybody else, so don’t act as if it were your job to deliver the final verdict. Just keep your own nose clean, and the rest? Comes out in the wash. Doing right yourself is enough to keep track of, don’t you think?

Make your own standards, and live by them. Discard what doesn’t mix, but let the universe deliver justice. It’s not yours to give—only to receive, same as everybody else.

Does it bother you, when others don’t live up to your standards?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. Jennifer Hillman says

    Interesting cards, and yet again…thoughts I am dealing with in my own life. I am seeing the paradox in this world. We attract people in out lives to see just what we aren’t seeing… the good, the bad and the most ugliest of things.
    If you keep that awareness and be the witness to your own actions, thoughts and feelings… you can gain a lot out of the people who aren’t walking their talk… or are they?
    In a real sense of it, we created this situation for a reason. Where aren’t we walking our talk. Learn from the situation/people… and the situation/people go away. If it still around…the issue is around. damn, more lessons. :monkey2:

  2. But Dixie, sometimes things are just plain wrong and have nothing to do with any hidden flaws of our own…

    • Absolutely. And when you find that, you may want to distance and detach from that energy, not engage it. Basically, what I was seeing in this combo is about moderating your responses, being aware of the tendency to judge and feeling the need to “set everybody straight.” Usually, setting oneself straight is a big enough job for a lifetime. You know?

  3. Does it bother you, when others don’t live up to your standards?
    :cat: Well, in other words, does it bother you when other people don’t live up to the standards they set for themselves which means we aren’t living up to the standards we set for ourselves!! OUCH!
    So, I will practice forgiveness on myself first today, take the log out of my eyes, and let go of my irritation and frustration.
    Good way to start the week. Thanks Dixie.
    Love the cards. Ordering the deck!

    • Wonderful point as usual, Joanna. Forgiveness begins with oneself.

      Isn’t that a fun deck? I love the altered perspective for seeing things a new way.

      • I am on Amazon. How do I tell my order is “hooked” in to your account so you get credit for the sale? I used the link from your website but want to make sure it links you. It is signed in under my name.
        I order a lot from Amazon – my best friend. I will always order thru your link if we can make sure it is linked to you. My mailman thanks you and my UPS man thanks you! I see them every week.

  4. Indeed, I’m still struggling to understand why we as a human race are so short in knowing and consistently practicing such obvious things as compassion, kindness, long-term vision, I could go on…but then it seems thinking about those types of things isn’t very high on the agenda of speed, commerce, get mine NOW! Yes, it’s hard enough to control oneself and keep sane and I certainly do not have the answers or wisdom for judging…yet I can’t help but think we should be more trekkie like by now…shoot, my heroes are Mother Theresa, Ghandi…my goals are peace, tolerance…but yep, I do have that struggle as I am obviously fussing about it…have to tend to my own garden and trust the universe and pray and be grateful for the good…active practice of gratitude and lessening of exposure to the negative helps me…and St. John’s Wort…animals, good books, music, art…the beauty keeps me alive and hopeful…peace be with us and happiness too…all good things is my prayer

    • I’d say if you’re looking at a world perspective, the work is in turning up kindness, compassion and love by personal participation. Be a carrier, infect others with your example. Being the change you would like to see, living it, shining light via example and works.

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