01/25/13: Yin & Yang Required | Temperance

temperence-osho-zenPeople sometimes get irritated about their rate of progress. “I should be further along by now,” they lament.

(And when I say “they lament,” you are far too polite to point that translates to “Dixie,” right? )

The eagle is of the air (thought). The swan is of the water (emotion). We must integrate the two—just as we join spirit (fire) and and action to make real (earth).

It’s not by breaking things down into components you find perfect order (although Virgos may argue with me on that). It’s by the understanding that everything that occurs, nay, everything that IS, all actually part of a bigger whole.

Everything has it’s place.

It’s like you have half of a puzzle that you want to pitch, because you don’t dig the pictures on that section. Without all the pieces, the picture stays incomplete.

Today is about fitting pieces into the bigger picture, without throwing any away. We need isolation to fully understand connection. We need darkness to fully experience light.

The point is not rejecting what one doesn’t like. Accept, and integrate it into the whole of who you are and what you understand. This is the definition of growth.

When you accept the difficulties of your life, when you accept the pain, you can also claim the gifts from that pain. The two are forever married.

If you reject part of yourself, you’re always fighting against it. That only makes that energy bigger. If you love all of yourself, you can integrate that, be as one, and grow from the process.

Are you following me here, or am I like a poet on crack?

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