04/08/12: Sleeping it Off |Temperance Rev, Moon


Today’s Tarot is reversed Temperance (Sagittarius) and the Moon (Pisces). Definitely a lack of clarity! This combo looks like getting drunk to me—and waking up the next morning wondering where the Hell you are. Once it’s gotten that far, there’s nothing to be done. But if you’re aware beforehand, the worst can likely be avoided.

Any tidal waves of emotion that come at you today, don’t run with it. Ground yourself! Understanding you’re seeing a detail or two, but not the entire picture, and  perceptions are heavily fogged. Don’t be swallowed, and don’t demand instant gratification. Perspective is what’s needed most, and it probably won’t show up today. Pull back and sleep on it.

I’m very serious about sleeping it off. Sleep is a powerful way to deal with fog. Let your dreams sort it out for you. Pray, releasing your concerns to  the Source, and for God’s sakes, have a little faith. Calling on your faith is how you transcend!

Do you “sleep on” things?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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