09/03/12: Not mixing! | Temperance rev

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Ah. I had this card come up recently, Temperance inverted, as take-home message in a reading. Told her that she cannot mix the fire and water, meaning she couldn’t make the other person come ‘round. She’ll have to get by without requiring that blending of minds, meeting of objectives.

And always with inverted Temperance, watch the firewater as well. It shows a tendency for drinking to get out of hand. Stone-cold sober is the way to go if this card is showing up for you!

What are you having difficulty reconciling? It can be anything. Openness versus self protection, me versus you, needs versus wants, work versus play are but a few possibilities.

Some things cannot or should not be reconciled. That is something to consider. Some people, some circumstances, will tend to knock you off your game. Some attachments don’t belong in a healthy life.

I guess the first question is, “Do I even WANT to integrate this? Is it something that is worthy of becoming part of my identity? Does this fit into my world?” We’ve had a lot of Swords lately, you know.

If it is an integration that’s desirable, then what’s throwing it off kilter (inverting the card)? That’s the next question. That’s what you address to get this energy upright, free-flowing.

What isn’t mixing in your life?

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