The Devil (and What Choice Has to Do With It)

Ever struggle with a choice? And we think, this way or that? As if that tiny moment in time makes all the difference. It makes no difference at all! None at all.

Any choice we make could work out just fine. Or any choice we make could blow up. Because it’s not the choice itself that matters. It’s the energy flow. It’s how we’re working with the energy that makes all the difference. If you split your energy with worry, self-doubt, anger or other trains of thought, your choice will be messy. If you opt to just do the best you can with it and keep moving, your choices tend to come out cleaner.

With a little perspective and emotional distance, I can see some of the most difficult moments in my life ended up being the most powerful turning points imaginable. They were like shortcuts to sometimes intense transformations.

They sometimes go down easy or they can go down hard. The difference has never been from external circumstances. It’s in how much you choose to struggle with it. It’s how you go about directing your energy surrounding the choice. Sometimes we go kicking and screaming. Sometimes, we just let go and ride the wave.

I like surfing the wave, myself.

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The Devil is Temptation in the Good Tarot, paired here with Clematis from Botanical Inspirations–Intelligence and Mental Beauty.

This combination made me think about the times we feel we’re trapped, but we’re not, really. This happens sometimes when becoming emotionally attached to a particular outcome. This happens when we fight with others to try to tilt the world to fit into our own personal preferences. This happens when we split our energy between what we want and what we don’t.

This week, look at the choices you are making. If you don’t feel like you have a choice, pull back and wait until you can see the choice. You ALWAY have a choice–even if that choice is just about how you view the world.

Be well and peace out to you all.

If you want so help reviewing your own choices, give me a holler.

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