03/13/12: Tentative Truces? | 4 Swords, 9 Swords


Today’s Tarot is another selection from the Thoth-flavored Rosetta Tarot—Truce, the Four of Swords  (Jupiter in Libra) and Cruelty, the Nine of Swords (Mars in Gemini). You’ve got a respite here, a temporary settling into decorum. Manners reign, for NOW, that is. But be aware, cutting remarks, sarcasm, and in general, aggressive thoughts are only dormant, not dead.

Is that nasty clash coming from within, or without? That’s always my question. Most commonly, I read the Nine of Swords as primarily internal perception, not due to uncontrollable, outside circumstance. But here, I could go either way. The point is, however, that any conflict has not been eliminated, only on hiatus.  It’s a great time to stabilize (Tarot Fours) thinking (Tarot Swords), understanding those thoughts feed…something.  Get clear now: what do you want to feed?

Noting the astrological association for the Nine of Swords, we realize frustration and drive (Mars) is powered by words and thoughts (Gemini). It’s all in your head, Grasshopper! The intent you assign is personal, not universal. As with any of the Tarot Nines, we’re looking at a possibly tiresome, undoubtedly long-standing situation, approaching completion.

Time to get quiet, take a deep, cleansing breath, and just BE for a minute. How do your thoughts fuel your frustrations? What’s most important to protect? Headed back into battle, it’s vital to be clear here. Otherwise, you may find yourself taking somebody out (or being taken out) with no real point. Focus, focus, focus on the point. You don’t want to deal out or suffer damage without a worthy point.

Do you have any tentative truces in effect?

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  • Dixie says:

    Today, I opted to keep my mouth shut around people I knew would disagree with me. Even though I’m right. Hahaha!

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