Three of Wands Rx: Making Good of What You Get

I grew up knowing I was loved. I felt safe and well-cared for. Those feelings were deeply embedded in my everyday existence and extended far beyond an individual sense of well-being.

I basically saw the world and everything it was just as fine as it was. Including me!

I was smart enough to realize there was room for improvement but in the bigger picture, I just didn’t worry about the improvements coming together. I had a deep, abiding sense all was on track. I wished good for all without tasking myself the job of managing it.

Life was pretty simple that way.

Three of Wands Rx: Making Good of What You Get 2

Mom had these all over the place when I was little; one whiff and boom! I’m six again.

Somewhere along the way, I lost that sense. Most of us do. Maybe it’s a by-product of growing up and becoming socialized.

But you know what? That sense of overriding faith is valuable. Even now, I see it as well worth cultivating.

My actions may not make big ripples in the world. My thoughts may not sway the masses. My sense of the best way to live may not matter to anybody else. But none of that needs to happen.

I want to amplify what I find good.  And I find making the best of what I’ve got, remaining optimistic and wishing well upon the world all to be good.

Next week, it’s good time to make the best of what you’ve got. So sayth the Tarot to me, anywho.

tarot cards

So that’s what happens if you let your camera do “night mode” to keep the black cards from reflecting the flash.

The outlook for next week is the Three of Wands. Advice came in with two cards sticking together–the Ten of Pentacles and Nine of Cups. All of these are from my well-worn Legacy of the Divine deck and note that all of them appeared reversed. (I turned them upright for the photo.)

For a reversed Three of Wands as a forecast, you can expect the essence of what you’ve been looking for–although likely, not in the form imagined. Look for the heart, the feelings of what you want even if it’s coming in a different outfit, okay? Because it is there. The question is more, will you be able to recognize it?

For advice, we got some super lovely, super positive cards, but also reversed. This is coming across as a very strong call to make the best of what you’ve got and trust, believe–yes even know–it’s all good.

Somebody could win the lotto, and be unhappy it wasn’t a big enough jackpot. Or somebody can not know what tomorrow will bring but still feel blessed right to have another day to breathe in the air and admire the flowers.

That sense of well-being isn’t an outside job. It’s not a reflection of circumstance. Circumstances can give us a temporary blip or boost but those sways never last. It’s what you produce internally that lasts.

Make it a good week. I know you can!

And if you want to hook up, give me a holler. I’ll be glad to do my best to help you find the groove that works for you.


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