04/16/12: Vigilant Attention | Rev 4 Swords, Rev Tower

Don’t nap on the job, Happy Housewife! Otherwise, you may miss early warning signs that Jell-O mold is gonna come crashing down. Then everybody goes without dessert. Ha!

I mean, okay. I’m not one to tell you not to take some time to yourself. I consider time off a schedulable responsibility. It keeps you sane, and operating at your best. But still, it behooves us to remain aware, of where we’re standing.  Are there areas of you’re life where you’re not solid? Anything wobbly? Now’s your chance. Shore yourself up there before you end up with a mess, okay?

Any parts of your life need special attention right now?

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  1. Sorry we were a bit late today. My publish time was off.

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