09/20/12: Warning Bells | Tower

20120916_183602 (374x620)I had been operating under false assumptions. I knew, it smelled funny; the situation bugged and nagged at me from the outset. It kept bouncing around in my head, it wouldn’t go away. I knew it in the pit of my stomach.

But I ignored the feelings, activated my rational mind, came up with excuses and reasons and explanations for why it was perfectly fine. None would jibe with my gut. But my head was relieved.

This is the kind of warning you get, when that Tower is getting ready to come down. You may look for external cues, but everybody around you is going to be acting like everything is fine.

You have two choices in this situation:

  1. Rationalize and ignore, keeping your happy face on tight; or
  2. Get the Hell out of that Tower.

The first is more comfortable in the beginning. The second is a lot less painful in the end.

Are you feeling this? (I actually hope you’re not, but I gotta ask, man!)

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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  1. I’ve gotten the Tower with an overall “positive” message before, too. Honestly, I consider it to be a lot like a harsh transit – Necessary, the opportunity to grow, even if not especially comfortable. The info we want isn’t a gift, the info we need is the real gift, you know? :present:

  2. Just woke up and did a three-card spread for myself: the middle card (“right now”) is… The Tower. Need to finish clearing the goo out of my eyes before I try to “perceive” (“receive”) the message…

  3. Loud and clear.

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