02/16/12: Experience Collectors | Wheel & The Fool


I love this combination of cards. Minimalist illustration, but pointed message! We have the Fool (Uranus) and the Wheel (Jupiter).  Our journey, our personal growth, comes from existing, accepting, and LIVING. Not from seeing, knowing, or controlling.

The Fool is all about potential, not guarantees. He’s the ultimate blank slate, trusting, unknowing, walking toward his destiny, wherever it make take him. And the Wheel heralds changes of fortune, whether you consider them result of Karma or fate or God’s will or utterly agnostic luck. Ups, downs, and in between, the Wheel promises nothing but change.

49239-the-value-of-sharing-your-wisdom-and-experienceCombining these energies gives incredible possibility. If you let go of outcome and start existing in the experience itself, you can find peace. Regret lies in the past; worries live in the future. Without attaching to either, you’ve got access to your full energetic allotment.

How much easier non-attachment is! There’s less to carry, less struggle. Less strife, if we approach live as an ever-evolving cycle, where our job is simply to grow by virtue of the experience. This is what we’re here to collect, not outcomes.

Experience, well consumed, grows the soul. I believe that’s why we’re here in the physical plane. Each life, we come, transform, learn and grow by virtue of experiences. Being a good “Earth student” means attending fully to each moment.

Go forth and live!

Do you usually live in the moment, or someplace else?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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  1. So true, so true! And just what I needed to be reminded of today…thanks, Dixie! You and the cards are always right on! :-))

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