04/09/12: Two sides of the story | Two of Wands


Today’s Tarot is the Two of Wands (Mars in Aries). As you might expect from such a Mars-y card, there’s probably has been something of a standoff. Tarot twos speak to polarities, after all.

This fellow obviously feels like he’s achieved his aim. But it’s instructive to note he’s flanked on each side by wands. There are TWO sides to this story and he’s not dismissed one or the other.

You conquer (Mars) via facing up…here, it’s to yourself (Aries). Acknowledge mixed blessings, ambiguity, mistakes, self-defeating behavior or what have you. By taking it all into account, you can incorporate the whole. You’re not missing the point. You’re using the yin and yang, the light and the dark, the part and the whole. It’s all there and by working both, you get further than looking exclusively at one or the other.

Make peace with your mixed feelings. Then, they don’t weaken you by dissipating your energy unconsciously. Keep it in front of you and stay with it so you don’t lose sight of what you’re integrating.

Do you have some mixed feelings to make peace with?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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