03/22/14: Urge to Conserve / 4 of Pentacles Rx

Four of Pentacles Rx

Showing up as “others,” we have the Four of Pentacles reversed. Anybody in your general circle insecure, feeling scared about resources? Upright I usually read this card as stable, especially financially, but cautious. Feelings of enough but not extra. An upright Four of Pentacles person has a budget and uses it.

Inverted, I’m more likely to focus on the fear aspect—meaning there may well be “enough and in fact there probably is—but the principle subject of the card isn’t feeing it. The introverted Four of Pentacles person is afraid to look at the bank account because of a suspicion it will soon be overdrawn.

So don’t be surprised if you see some overt signs of thriftiness today, and general hesitation in expending resources. It’s not that these people are stingy necessarily. It’s just somebody is feeling scared and poor! Have a little compassion because it’s a lot easier to put up with this than feel it yourself…and be ready to spring for your own lunch.

You seeing others in conserve mode?

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