Wants and Do Not Wants: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 16 – 20

Weekly Flow Tarot, June 16-20

When 4 out of 5 of daily draws agree—let’s be inverted—well,  you can expect a “walking through mud” kind of week. When the suits are a split of Wands, Swords and Majors, you can also expect a sometimes frustrating and potentially raw kind of week. The word that comes to mind looking at this mashup is “thwarted.”

But underlying that theme is also a thread throughout of choices. They are not necessarily always choices you like, mind you. Some you may not consider choices at all, but look to think in terms of choices this week and see how that impacts your experience.

Monday, Problem – King of Wands Rx: “I don’t wanna!” That’s what the reversed King of Wands says. Chances are there’s something on your plate that you’d rather not deal with. In these situations, I often say, “The anticipation is worse than the event.”

Just do what you need to do, do what you’ve committed to doing, and allow yourself a reward when you’re done. Problem solved!

Tuesday, Underlying Influences – Queen of Swords Rx: Don’t say it’s okay when it’s not. Don’t say, “Whatever you want is fine,” when actually only certain options are acceptable. Otherwise you have nobody to blame when others take you at your word. I don’t care what you thought they’d do.

Maybe it takes you aback to realize you haven’t let go of old baggage. Fair enough. But if you’re getting funny feelings today without any idea where they are coming from, look for the hidden attachments .

Wednesday, You – Four of Wands Rx: Exhale already! This strikes me as anxiety, not leaving well enough alone, and fussing to the point of messing up what was already fine. Advice for the day runs along the lines of drop it, let it be, and take a chill pill. Not necessarily in that order.

Thursday, Past – Ten of Swords Rx: It still hurts, but it’s getting better. This can be a day of healing from old wounds, a little bit at a time.

Friday, What to Use in the Future – The Devil: What an interesting pull for future advice! And this is actually my all-time favorite Devil card. However, much as I would LOVE to interpret this draw as an ethereal command for an orgy of self-indulgence, it seems a lot more cogent Tarot is suggesting we be aware of areas where we have difficulty saying “no.” It’s important to remember the choice factor.

Overview – The Lovers: Another choice card, associated with Gemini. Besides speaking to Lovers (duh!), this card talks about harmonious connections and the choices of who or what we align ourselves with. In the context of this week, I’m seeing this as a reminder that our environment is mirroring our internal state. If you don’t like what you’re seeing around you, look at where you are at emotionally, energetically, the impact of the company you keep.

Affirmation: Since every request is granted, I feel no competition. Mmmm, I’m not really feeling the love for this one as-written (although I agree with the premise that there is “enough” to go around.) I’m considering this an exclamation point on the notion, you can and do make your experience by virtue of your perspective. You are competing if you feel you are competing. You are stuck if you feel stuck. You are without options if you feel without options. You tell me you cannot do something, and you know what? I believe you. As long as that’s where a person’s head is, they won’t. But of course, that’s a choice, eh?

Damn. “Personal responsibility” isn’t a very sexy forecast theme for the week. But what I’m seeing is a contrast between what we want versus what we don’t want, what we’re willing to speak up for versus what we hope to be handed over without any effort on our part.

Make solid choices and be patient through Mercury Retrograde annoyances. We’re getting there.

How’s your week looking, folks?

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