Way Not Personal! August Monthly Tarot Forecast

Dude, better late than never, right? Got a new video Tarot forecast for you!

Short version: Friends and family are likely recovering from stressors, many of which visited us last month. It’s a healing time. Be kind, be gentle with those you care ab0ut and most of all, don’t take it personally! Side note: I actually recorded this late-ish July but through a series of circumstances didn’t get it up until now. So it gives us a better-than-usual chance to compare to life experiences.

How’s it matching your August?

Want something more personalized? You know where to find me!


  1. I missed kitty… I was trying to watch for her. Love Colorado!!!!!

    You are blowing my mind again. I have been obsessing this morning about why my friend won’t call back. I thought, ok fine, she wants to move on and be with all her other cool buddies. But ok, I’ll give more space. She’s a Sag like me, and I know how it is when you just want to be free. Thanks for speaking to this, in your uncanny way.

    And yes, you are Awesome!!!

    • Aw, thanks sofie! Actually I should have listened to my own video yesterday, I was taking something personally that wasn’t! But you know, that’s how it is sometimes. I needed a reminder from me!

  2. p.s. Watch closely for a kitty sighting. Miraculously climbing the “trees” in Colorado right from my studio. Ha!

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