Pity Party or Pruning? Weekly Flow Tarot, September 22 -28

Weekly Flow Tarot, Sept 22 -28

Looking at this week as a whole doesn’t make me feel at ease, to put it mildly. This flow does have a transitional feel to it, though, where the biggest obstacles to changes are completely internal. It’s not what’s going on nearly as much as how you feel about it. On the plus side, this gives us a very useful opportunity…

Monday, What to Avoid – High Priestess Reversed: Avoid being duplicitous. It’s liable to backfire. It’s also quite possible what you think is a secret is not-so-secret after all. Do not act on the assumption other people don’t know what’s up, as they may well know more than you give them credit for knowing. Your best defense here is discretion, sure, but maintain utter honesty and integrity what you do share. And for God’s sakes, don’t go blabbing anyone else’s business. Not a good day for gossip! You’ll likely get outed for being the big mouth.

Tuesday, Mind – Hierophant Reversed: Unconventional and unusual thoughts may fill your head throughout the day. This is neither good nor bad but is. I would not assume everybody is thinking what you are, because they probably aren’t. And if you get a flash of inspiration, make note. Your mind is probably making some unusual connections today.

Wednesday, Significator – Eight of Cups Reversed: The significator is YOU. So somebody (read: you) may be having trouble leaving the past in the past. Ask yourself, “What am I really bothered by?” if you get upset today. Good chance you’ll find an old hurt that needs to be healed underneath any over-reaction that crops up.

Thursday, Future – Page of Pentacles Reversed: One thing at a time, okay? You may feel frustration you’re not as far along in executing plans as you’d like. Make a list, and check it off one little bit at a time. That’s WAY more effective that getting upset or overwhelmed because you aren’t getting where you want to go. Just take a little step in the right direction, and you’ll make it eventually.

Friday, Problem – Nine of Swords: Anxiety and embarrassment over past mistakes can really be getting in your way right about now. Can you come to terms with the past, seeing it as a vehicle for growth instead of proof of hopelessness? Is there anyone you can reach out to? Because this being alone in your worries thing makes them that much bigger and badder than they need to be.

Saturday, Conscious Desires – Knight of Swords: Freedom! This is a very palpable desire for freedom. Look for opportunities to be entirely yourself, safety to speak your mind directly, and communicate what’s most important to you. It would be a great day for stimulating conversations with trusted friends,  uncensored writing or an afternoon of artistic self-expression.

Sunday, Spirit – King of Wands Reversed: The world has weighed like a web blanket on your soul through the week. But I’m wondering, is it really the world? Or is it more your vision of the world not being how it “should” be? I’d like to get this King upright and you feeling like you’re back in the driver’s seat. To do this, I would suggest the question, “What am I trying to accomplish?” Because that question really gets to the heart of a lot of wheel-spinning.

Overview/Advice – Queen of Swords: All week, there is threat of feeling weighed down by outside factors. But sometimes, we give outside factors WAY too much credit. Outside factors can impact our lives obviously, but they cannot choose how we feel about our lives! Our attitude and happiness are within our control, stressors notwithstanding. Your job this week is to strive for balance, fair and even-handed thinking.  You actually are looking at a silver-platter-opportunity to cut some dead-weight attitudes out of your world. Because problematic thinking patterns will be highlighted, pain this week is like a neon sign pointing to what is not working for you. You can opt to spend the week hosting a pity party for one, or you can spend the week doing some emotional pruning.

Affirmation – Exercise your vibes. Any time is a good time to get into the habit of listening to your inner voice. But if you don’t practice listening, you won’t hear it! Keep it light and fun at first, as this makes it easier to connect. Maybe play, “If I were psychic, I’d say…” and just see what comes out of your mouth! Make it into a “what if” game. Practice in ways that have low stakes, so when the stakes are higher, you are more confident in the validity of your vibes. This week looks to be chock-full of opportunities to turn inward, seek clarity, and get very clear on how your emotional state impacts your experience. Clearing away old issues helps amp up your vibes considerably. I’d take advantage of this opportunity!

Are you feeling the “world is a wet blanket” about now?

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  1. I feel more like I’m the wet blanket and I can’t find the sun to dry out. But I will!

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