12/09/13: Wet and Sharp / Queen of Clouds

Oh man…another rather uncommunicative illustration. Oy. At least it looks sharp in the red spread cloth. This watery/cloudy scene belongs to the Queen of Swords though, so we have some idea the vibe we’re talking about.

And talking we are! The Queen of Swords tends towards emotive as that’s a built-in function of the Queens, but hers is an airy sort of emotion. She may have feelings, but she’s not going to go all broody-silent rolling around in them as the Queen of Cups might. She’s gonna let you know, man! And while logic and rationality are among her strong points, sarcasm and a sharp-tongue can follow frustration.

Your best bet today is limit frustrations, be it for yourself or other people. And if someone gets sharp with you, try to let it slide with the understanding that it’s the water talking, not the air.

If it’s you, catch yourself as soon as you can, and apologize. You may not fully “feel” it, but it’s probably the rational thing to do.

Are you running across sharp words fueled by emotion?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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