01/13/14: Why Sacrifice? / Hanged Man, 9 of Cups

hanged man 9 of cups

The Hanged Man is pretty comfortable in the avatar of Sacrifice, and the Nine of Cups is Tarot’s utter definition of wish fulfillment. I am glad to see this team, because I know exactly what to do with it.

Sacrifice, but with a POINT. Know what you’re working for by your sacrifice! Maybe you’ll let certain things slide because it’s productive in the grander scheme of things. Maybe you’ll do something you don’t really want to do because it gets you closer to where you want to be. Whatever stances you take, select them by your faith that it’s going to help you attain your dreams. And if you do this, have faith it will actually be effective.

Martyr is too strong of a word. But if you’re going to give something up, do it because that choice serves the bigger picture.

Are you sacrificing in light of the bigger picture right now?

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  1. Nothing quite so grand as that, but this is absolutely what I’m feeling right now. Working a crappy second job for two more weeks, so I won’t get failed at this internship thing. Loving the first job, though, so for two weeks, meh, I can do it. *nods*

  2. This combo is making me think of Odin on the World tree, sacrificing for knowledge of the Runes.

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