Helping Your Reader: Breathe

Readings = energetic fraternization. It’s you, your reader, and the universal ether-net all mixing it up. Auric dance party! So…it’s not just about the reader. The energy YOU bring to the table is pivotal for quality of reading you will get.

Now, I know many times, people come for readings when they are worried, upset, confused or just bothered. Strong emotion is often part of it, and I totally get this. I’m fine with it. But realize that once you’ve secured yourself a reading, it’s time to step back a bit.

The number one, most important, most helpful thing you can do to help your reader is to BREATHE! Clear your head. GROUND.¬† Relax. Release. Step back. Stop freaking out. Take care of yourself, be kind to your body and your mind. Let go. Trust that all will be as it needs to be, and you’ll find the guidance you need to make the best decisions possible.

Yes, this really does help!

See, if it’s WWIII in your head, if sirens are blaring, if it’s an emotional disaster zone in there, it’s a LOT harder to hear anything above that din. It’s difficult to sort out what images are present in the situation versus what is generated in a fearful¬† imagination on overdrive. Like psychic static. (Not to mention, there’s an emotional “contact buzz” factor. I generally plug in to the questioner’s emotional state surrounding the question. So be kind to your reader by being kind to yourself.)

Breathe. It clears your mind and calms your heart.

Breathe. It grounds, bringing you to the present, out of past regrets or future fears.


Do you find this true of readings, too?


  1. Sooo true.

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