Off Your Arse: Weekly Video Tarot, 7/1/13

Don’t let Mercury retro keep you from doing your thing…even if your camera dies without you noticing.

Short answer: Hey, two takes, twice as good, right?!? But ANYWAY…I didn’t let a little glitch stop me, and neither should you. Get busy! Go back to the stuff you’ve been planning on getting around to “eventually” and get cracking. Put your heart in it and keep plowing through.

You feeling the need to get busy?


  1. I always have to view on YouTube for captions via my phone

  2. Captions working fine for me.

    Lol at ‘off your arse’

  3. Mercury retrograde! I’m calling Mercury retrograde for me releasing the post with the weekly forecast before the video itself was scheduled to go live. #stickingtomystory

    • Also, the captions seem to be odd at least in my browser. They are visible when you watch this on YouTube, I double checked to make sure they are actually there and they are. So if you can’t see them here but need them, watch this on YouTube instead.

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