One-Card Mini Readings, for a Minute!

One-Card Mini Readings, for a Minute! 2People are often nervous about getting a Tarot reading if they haven’t had one, or sometimes have concerns about the cost. I’d like to help, so I thought I’d try something different.

So…for the next FIVE people who ask, I’ll be offering 1-Card Mini readings for just $10. Use the form below to ask your question and I’ll post your completed reading to the AFJ website.

You get a quick, personal reading, other folks get to share the Tarot wisdom, and hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way. If this works out well and y’all find it useful, I may be persuaded to offer them again from time to time.

So go ahead and give it a whirl if you’re fast enough! After five readings are purchased, the form will self-destruct. Ha! And let me know what you think…

Sorry, but the special has ended. Hope to catch you next time around!

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  1. Thanks for the folks that sent in questions! You’ll be seeing them on the site later. I did hear there was some trouble accessing the form…if this happened to you, please contact me to let me know.

  2. ONE spot left… :laugh:

  3. Thanks again to all who participated! It’s been a hectic day but will have some of these up soon as I can.

  4. I missed this mini reading but have to say I am soooooo looking fwd to my next reading with you. I hope it is SOON. Before I self-destruct :cat:

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