Client Comments

Tarot SpreadThese comments are taken verbatim from client emails in response to my earliest professional Tarot work, used with permission.

My God you are absolutely amazing, everything you said in your reading was absolutely true…I don’t know how you got all that but I am in awe. You are terrific!  –Joanne

Thanks so much for the reading! It was wonderful. You’re right, the relationship did come from out of the blue and I do think ‘he’s the one.’ You’re right, mom doesn’t want me to move on. (I’m 29!! yikes!)  I feel at this point in life, the LIFE should start for me.  Family, home, etc. You’re right, I am surrounded by negative forces..You are a wonderful reader and I thank you for your service.  –Angela

Your reading was by far the very best I have ever received….so many many things you really hit right on….it was scary…my Mom and I were reading it in the car and even she couldn’t believe how ME it was. If you ever need a reference, I am here…Thanks.  –Lori

Thank you for your time and energy ~ you truly have a wonderful gift. Everything you said was completely correct. Thank you again for your time and energy.  –Renee

Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly. You are wonderful.  Everything you said was 100% correct. Sometimes you need an objective person to tell you the truth, and WOW you did…Thank you again so very much. You are a living blessing. Thank you very sincerely.  –Sharon

I just want to tell you, you hit EVERYTHING right on the head :) I will be back for more readings.  –Vicki

Thank you very much for your added help! You are so correct about me trying to hurry things up! I figure if it’s going to happen then LET’S GO!  But I am trying to step back and let fate take its course.  Don’t be sorry, it’s what I need. Maybe not what I wanted, but that’s alright! Thank you again. Your the real deal, not like some others I have tried! And will spread the word. –Ruthann