“She untangles my tangled-like-spaghetti-mind…”

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From a client.

“I love getting readings from Dixie (and I am a regular client of hers) because she always gets my head back on straight!

Yeah that’s me, head flying off in this direction, that direction, and she’s like a honing device for me, bringing it all back together, helping me feel centered again and more solid. She sees clearly into the heart of whatever matter I show up with. She untangles my tangled-like-spaghetti-mind (not easy).

So if you want a hearty helping of insight, perspective, spot-on intuition, call her up! She does email readings too. I like both methods, depending on my problem that day

Thank you so much, Dixie. Blessings.” – A.C.

Thank you, A.C.–you are very much appreciated. ♥

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