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Three of Wands Rx: Making Good of What You Get

I grew up knowing I was loved. I felt safe and well-cared for. Those feelings were deeply embedded in my everyday existence and extended far beyond an individual sense of well-being. I basically saw the world and everything it was just as fine as ... [Manifest the Rest]

Empress & Queen of Fire: Heart has the Answers

I've been thinking about how much more complicated life becomes when trying to accommodate other people's wishes for us. Damn near everyone has very specific notions of how they'd like to see us behave. Even strangers! But that doesn't mean it's a ... [Manifest the Rest]

Temperance & The Sun: Airtime for Optimism

"Give optimism at least as much airtime as anxiety." I heard these words coming out of my mouth recently, and it struck me even then, this is damn good advice. How you feel is how you feel. There are no right or wrong feelings. There's never ... [Manifest the Rest]

Hierophant & Knight of Pentacles: Working Out

I had thought I was going to slide under the radar during the recent eclipse cycle. I'd hoped Mercury retrograde wouldn't notice me. I'd just keep my head down and my mouth shut and I'd slip through it without issue. Silly me! Eclipse day, I ... [Manifest the Rest]

Ten of Pentacles & Two of Swords: Madness versus Magic

Yes, sometimes people see the same events but it's like they are watching two different movies. It's easy to see out in the world, to a stunning degree. But you can generate the very same phenomena on an individual level as well. Looking at the ... [Manifest the Rest]

Seven Cups & Emperor: Ecliptic Hangover

Ever start worrying about something and find yourself Googling every possible scenario? Just digging and digging for that one little bit of information that will reassure you, everything is going to be alright? Or maybe you'll find the magic steps ... [Manifest the Rest]


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