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Two of Swords & King of Cups: Help with Uncertainty

In times such as these, I don't know that it's so much the facts of a current situation that weigh on people as the uncertainty. We may be okay, today. Our loved ones may be okay, today. But since we don't know what to expect tomorrow, many are ... [Manifest the Rest]

Hanged Man Rx: Choose Well

Before becoming a card slinger, I used to work in mental health. I've done stints at crisis hotlines and women's shelters as well as working in detox for a few years. In other words, I've spent a good hunk of my professional life talking to people ... [Manifest the Rest]

High Priestess & Eight of Cups Rx: Riding it Out

I had to go grocery shopping a couple of days ago. I wasn't sure what to expect given the fact that the Coronavirus seems to have just penetrated the mass consciousness of America and people are shopping like there's no tomorrow. But we were ... [Manifest the Rest]

8 Swords Rx / 9 Cups: Self-Satisfied

"You've got to love people as they are, or you don't really love them," I heard myself say. "You might not love everything they do, but it doesn't matter. It can't be conditional." I immediately realized this holds for looking in the mirror, too. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Page of Cups Reversed: Homemade Peace

Our experience of reality is never the sum total of some sort of objective facts, although we certainly may be looking intently at those facts. The meaning we give, the explanations and assumptions made to draw conclusions, is central to how we feel ... [Manifest the Rest]

Lovers: What’s Your Mission?

I've been self-employed for years now. It might surprise people who know (non-conformist) me  to hear I often use mission statements with my business ventures. The idea used to strike me as silly, but I came around once I experimented using ... [Manifest the Rest]