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The Devil (and What Choice Has to Do With It)

Ever struggle with a choice? And we think, this way or that? As if that tiny moment in time makes all the difference. It makes no difference at all! None at all. Any choice we make could work out just fine. Or any choice we make could blow up. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Helping with an Open Heart: Knight of Cups

I've been actively seeking a kinder, more loving perspective. I don't believe I'm terribly lacking in that regard. But there's always room for improvement. And I really like the way it feels. So I want more of it. This process hasn't been quite as ... [Manifest the Rest]

Solace in a Crazy World: Five of Pentacles (again)

The world feels a little crazy now. Have you noticed? [Insert maniacal laughter here.] I'm not bothered too much by it, personally. Sure, I feel for people suffering, but I see it much differently than many do. I've felt lots of energy ... [Manifest the Rest]

Make Connection: Five of Pentacles

If you go deeper and deeper into your own heart, you'll be living in a world with less fear, isolation and loneliness. -Sharon Salzberg Solitude is regenerative. The nature of quiet, reflective spaces affords an opportunity to sink deeper into the ... [Manifest the Rest]

7 of Pentacles: Be Your Own Tree

This is what I've been waking up to, lately. In my head, playing on the ol' psychic soundtrack. It's not a forecast in my mind, so much as a prescription. You know? A prescription. The Seven of ... [Manifest the Rest]

King of Pentacles: Finding Your Flow

Sometimes, I wish I were better at taking my own damn advice. Recently, taking the advice I'm about to hand out here would have come in very handy. Too bad I didn't manage it. But every day is new, right? The King of Pentacles (Cosmic ... [Manifest the Rest]

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