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Three of Pentacles: Rung by Rung

I've called a permanent moratorium on all self-criticism. Some would consider that folly. I don't. What we consider mistakes and mis-turns and those experiences that we didn't intentionally set out to take? They shape us in ways we couldn't easily ... [Manifest the Rest]

Queen of Swords Reversed: Be a Chill Cat

I was contemplating a hawk feather I found, a while back. A redtail gifted me perfect feather, maybe a foot long? I literally gasped when I saw it. Hawks fly high and have keen eyesight. The combination confers perspective. They see from a ... [Manifest the Rest]

Knight of Wands: Get moving!

I run a sizable Facebook page. And people getting started out sometimes come to me, asking for advice. I'm generally at a loss for what to tell them. Because when I tell them the truth, they are not likely to believe me.  They are expecting ... [Manifest the Rest]

Not Done: Queen of Wands Rx, Knight of Pentacles Rx

I used to try, really hard sometimes, to make things happen. Work hard and apply yourself and all things will be possible, right? Funny thing is, this never got me too far. And I never understood why until recently. I'm coming to realize, the ... [Manifest the Rest]

Choosing My Part: Ten of Wands & Seven of Pentacles

May you live in interesting times. --Unknown If your wish is to live in "interesting times," that wish has been amply granted in my book! But "interesting" isn't necessarily bad. Or good. I'm sure some would argue that point. And that's beyond ... [Manifest the Rest]

Reversed Eight of Pentacles: My Work is to Be

Armchair astrology notes: Mercury is retrograde so double-check communications and if you don't already know we've got an eclipse coming, there isn't much I can do for you! Make allowances for the edginess so many are feeling and be kind to ... [Manifest the Rest]

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