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Nine of Swords: Easy Does It…

Quick aside: For those of you that noticed I didn't post last week, sorry (and thank you for missing me)! I was very wrapped up in a work project and simply didn't manage. Thanks for looking for me, though! ♥ I appreciate you. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Knight of Wands: Passion and Harmony

Just about every day, there is some new thing people are wound up about. Have you noticed? Maybe big things, maybe little things, but they seem important to the people talking about them all. Sometimes I follow the stories and sometimes I don't. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Knight of Cups: Let Yourself Soar

"You can't have it all..." he starts. "Of course you can!" I interrupted, not concerning myself in the least with being obnoxious. I was visiting with friends. "Maybe not all at once," I continued. "Sometimes it takes a minute. And once you ... [Manifest the Rest]

Five of Cups: Now, now, now!

Healing has been on my mind lately, no doubt because I've been Facebook ad-targeted for a support group for healers. It would be great targeting if I self-defined as a (tired/ drained/ overwhelmed) healer. I don't. I mean, sure, I've studied ... [Manifest the Rest]

Real Healers? Sort Of.

"You're a healer," the reader says decidedly, looking down at the worn deck of playing cards spread out on the cloth before her. "Yes," I nod. "A very good one..." she adds, looking surprised. "Thank you," I said.  I wasn't sure what else to ... [Manifest the Rest]

Knight of Wands: Silent Knowing

I've always felt a bit like a weirdo, but the sensation is getting stronger in the past couple of years. Mostly I'm okay with that. Although to be honest, it can feel a little isolating at times. I like feeling connected to other people but if I ... [Manifest the Rest]

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