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Four of Wands Rx: Figuring it Out as We Go

I am generally not an anxious person. Right now, Not so much my general temperament. I'm feeling at least regular twinges of worry and stress... Probably along with 99.8% of the rest of the world. Now I could rattle off a list of ... [Manifest the Rest]

Devil Reversed: Trapped? Maybe Not

I volunteered to help a friend with a business project. The end result will benefit us both, so it seemed fair that I contribute. We discussed what was needed, and everybody was happy with the arrangement, so I got busy. And I despised every ... [Manifest the Rest]

Six of Wands Rx: Do-It-Yourself Bright Sides

Some of the whole purge-fest I'm doing is sorting my memories and history. There's an incense burner I've been considering. I'm not kidding when I say I'm inching along here, considering things in isolation of all else. So yes, it sounds ... [Manifest the Rest]

Reversed 8 of Cups: One at a Time

I started cleaning out my closets last week. It's slow going, but I choose the meandering approach. Easier on every level. Too much, too quickly leaves me feeling strung out, because each item I pick up has its own vibes like energetic dust. If I ... [Manifest the Rest]

Queen of Swords: Cleaning the Closet

The air is saturated with uncertainty. Seems like everybody I talk with has some sort of big, fat unknown hovering on the horizon. People are re-evaluating jobs, relationships, living arrangements and more. Root chakra issues inflamed: security, ... [Manifest the Rest]

Queen of Cups: Hearing Through Your Heart

Sometimes, I'll pull cards for a forecast and immediately ask myself THAT question. Like this week. "Are these cards really for the forecast? Or are they for me?" I know it's a silly question in practical terms. There is no meaningful ... [Manifest the Rest]