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Queen of Cups: Hearing Through Your Heart

Sometimes, I'll pull cards for a forecast and immediately ask myself THAT question. Like this week. "Are these cards really for the forecast? Or are they for me?" I know it's a silly question in practical terms. There is no meaningful ... [Manifest the Rest]

Five of Pents and Star Rx: Be the Lighthouse

The righteous fury and religious overtones of the polarization out there right now are inescapable (and sometimes a little triggering to boot). We can process, but our history never ceases to be part of who we are. If you've ever felt judged, ... [Manifest the Rest]

Page of Wands and Queen of Swords Rx: Rough Draft

I think of myself as borderline notorious for the "we'll figure it out as we go" approach. I may play with ideas but I don't studiously chart my course out, no matter what the goal. What others may see as chaotic, I see as inspiration-driven. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Wheel of Fortune Rx: Make Your Own Luck Already!

The world has been scratchy as Hell. 2020 has been a year like no other in providing justification for pretty much any emotional reaction imaginable.  I was feeling this yesterday. Anxious, itchy and irritable, not really sure what to do with ... [Manifest the Rest]

Fool Reversed, Knight of Pentacles: Who are you, really?

I've been doing a little emotional unpacking over here. It's moving along, but still kind of a slow, messy business. Although it's not been a painless process, it's definitely one I'm immensely grateful for. I've become sensitized to the times ... [Manifest the Rest]

Magician and King of Pents: Magical Words vs. Practical Actions

I heard from someone recently whom I've not talked with in a very, very long time. It was just a little surreal, if you want to know the truth. The words and ideas were incredibly familiar. Deja Vu. I understood the points of reference, because ... [Manifest the Rest]