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Two of Wands: Finding Your Touchstones

I've been on the lookout for little reminders of late. Signs, if you're inclined to call them such. Personally, though, I think of them as touchstones. My touchstones are those little reminders of who I am, what is real and what really ... [Manifest the Rest]

Five of Swords: When You Don’t Get It

"I just don't get it." That's a phrase I've been saying a lot lately. I suspect I'm not alone. Instead of succumbing to the urge to fight whatever "it" I just don't get, I'm taking a little detour. I'm seeking a better understanding of whatever ... [Manifest the Rest]

Five of Pents Rx: What’s Real?

Pretty much every week, I tell myself I'm not going to keep saying what a crazy time this is. But Holy Hell, it's a crazy time... I'm really worn out by the environment right now, which strikes me as an incessant listing of all that we're ... [Manifest the Rest]

Justice: Just Live It

I've noticed a rather infuriating phenomena: when I get an all-but-overwhelming urge to set somebody straight, if I step back and take a deep breath, I realize that doing so would generally make me guilty of exactly whatever I'm fired up to ... [Manifest the Rest]

Four of Pentacles: Stability. Do What You Will

I got a reminder this week to pay attention to what sort of energy I consume. Enough consumption and you become saturated. Eventually, you find yourself leaking some of that same energy and getting it on other people in the process. That's not who ... [Manifest the Rest]

Ten of Pents Reversed: Right or Happy?

It's been stunning for me to realize how radically different that various individuals can be looking at the very same situations. It's like we're watching entirely different movies and arguing about the plot. It reminded me of the Kipling ... [Manifest the Rest]